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With so many cost-burdened families and individuals and a market desperate for a new supply of affordable, high-quality housing, there is a clear need for a new way forward. Fulfilling that need and charting the path forward is Ginosko Modular’s mission.

The Growing Affordable Housing Crisis

The United States is facing an urgent and growing supply crisis in affordable multifamily housing.


Affordable units built versus new affordable renter households (2000-2020)

Multiple Houses

Affordable Units Built
Affordable Renter Household Formations
Affordable Unit Gap

The 2022 national hourly wage a full-time worker must earn to afford a rental unit without being “Cost Burdened” is $25.82 Per Hour for a modest Two-Bedroom and $21.25 for a modest One-Bedroom.2 Federal minimum wage = $7.25 Per Hour.

The problem is particularly urgent in the State of Michigan

Currently, the State of Michigan’s Affordable Housing ecosystem lacks the appropriate funding to address current demand.

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Cost Burdened

48% of Michigan Renters pay too much for housing (Cost Burdened) and 28% of Michigan Renters reported extremely low incomes in 2019.1 Worse now.

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Lack of Affordable Units

For every 100 Renter Households in Michigan,3 there are only:

  • 36 affordable and available units for 30% of Area Median Income (AMI) Households
  • 68 affordable and available units for 50% of AMI Households
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Statewide Problem

In 49 of Michigan’s 83 counties, residents spend more than 57% of their income on housing and transportation.2

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Without other resources, MSHDA’s only plausible solution was to:4 Borrow 9% LIHTC’s from future years to pay for “Today’s Pandemic Related Cost Crisis”

Michigan affordable housing by the statics1

Work Hours Per Week at Minimum Wage to Afford a 2-Bedroom Rental Home (at Fair Market Rent (FMR))

Work Hours Per Week at Minimum Wage to Afford a 1-Bedroom Rental Home (at FMR)

Number of Full-Time Jobs at Minimum Wage to Afford a 2-Bedroom Rental Home (at FMR)

Number of Full-time Jobs at Minimum Wage to Afford a 1-Bedroom Rental Home (at FMR)

State Facts

Minimum Wage
2-Bedroom Housing Wage
Number of Renter Households
Number of Renter Households Below 30% AMI
Percent of Renter Households Below 30% AMI
Number of Renter Households Below 50% AMI
Percent of Renter Households Below 50% AMI

Affordable and Available Homes per 100 Renter Households

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Affordable Rent for Low Income Households

Minimum Wage Worker



Households Below 30% of Area Median Income



Households Below 50% of Area Median Income


Fair Market Rent

1-Bedroom Fair Market Rent



2-Bedroom Fair Market Rent



1National Low Income Housing Coalition – Out of Reach 2022

2Housing Crisis Solution Coalition (HCSC), 2021: NLIHC tabulations of 2020 5-Year ACS PUMS

Designed for Today’s Challenges

Ginosko Modular was created to address the needs of this under-served space and to overcome the structural challenges of today’s world: with vertically integrated optimization and efficiency to help mitigate pandemic pressures, supply chain disruptions, and industry inefficiencies. The result was a seamless and streamlined operational model and a newly constructed, custom-designed 105,000-square-foot production facility in Romulus, Michigan: where Ginosko Modular’s creations come to life.

New Facility—New Capabilities

  • Ginosko Modular’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility allows the company to control 60% of its production costs, eliminating many of the substantial markups in traditional construction supply chains.
  • Ginosko Modular’s innovative production processes will make it possible to build faster and get to market quicker, also reducing financing costs.
  • By relying on an in-house team of skilled professionals, Ginosko Modular will be able to mitigate the risks and costs associated with a growing skilled labor shortage.
  • Vertical integration resolves construction tolerances and connectivity issues, simplifying scheduling and sequencing for tighter timelines. The result is a speedier and more efficient production and assembly process ideally suited to meet the construction challenges of our time.

The Future of Affordable Multifamily

At a time when economic pressures and logistical complexities make high-quality multifamily construction arguably more challenging than ever before, Ginosko Modular is not just delivering affordable, accessible, and appealing modular housing solutions that decrease the

cost burden for renters—the company is simultaneously addressing a persistent affordable housing shortage and providing a template for success with the potential to shape the future of multifamily construction.

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